Terms of Service Revision Five

Terms of Service Revision Five

At any time in this document, “we”, “us”, “our”, “employer”, and any grammatical similarities refer to XenoNode.” “You”, “your”, “client”, “employee”, or any grammatical similarities refer to the person, group, company, organization, party, district, or government in which are utilizing XenoNode’s services in any way.

By utilizing or purchasing XenoNode’s services, you autonomously agree to our policies. Violation of these terms may result in the suspension, null routing, and/or termination of a service.

XenoNode may advertise “unlimited” services, due to hardware restrictions and our upstream provider’s policies, unlimited services must be bound to these terms. Each unlimited service if active follows the term shown below in relation to the product: Unlimited or unmetered bandwidth starts at 10Mbit/s transfer speed and goes up to 1Gbit/s. This service is only available for select data centers. Unlimited web hosting storage may not surpass 50 GBs of disk space by default, to have this restriction removed please contact XenoNode support with a viable reason. Web hosting services may not be used as storage/backup servers. Unlimited virtual server storage have a preset soft limit of 100GBs which can be increased by contacting support and providing a valid reason. Unlimited memory for game servers is set to 6 gigabytes of memory by default. This may be increased up to 12 gigabytes if necessary. Clients are encouraged to use as little memory as possible to boost performance. Unlimited slots for Minecraft servers are provided by default, however limited by the client. Limits may be enforced if abuse is found at XenoNode’s discretion. Unlimited storage for game servers may not be used to store backups.

XenoNode’s web hosting and game servers may not be used for backups other than ones specifically for the service, however limited to three full backups. Virtual servers should not constantly hit 100% memory usage to prevent issues with both the virtual server and hypervisor. Your virtual server should not constantly hit your limit unless connecting to another VPS on the node using an internal IPv4/IPv6.

By utilizing XenoNode’s Minecraft hosting services, you confirm that you’ve read and agree to Mojang’s End User License Agreement. Making XenoNode’s servers blacklisted due to EULA in compliance may result in service suspension and/or a fee.

It is illegal to generate email spam from our servers to a recipient in which has not consented to receiving such. By doing so, your service(s) which do not comply may be suspended. This may require a fee to reactive the service.

All clients are required to comply with laws in not only their controlling governments, but also internet laws established in the United States of America, England, and Wales. Incompliance may lead to a fee, suspension, or termination depending on the originating country, severity of the law, and the punishments set by the nation. Child pornography, malware, and hack programs which are meant to be abusive of external security flaws must be removed within 24 hours after being emailed by XenoNode or your service may be suspended.

Free or trial services may be suspended, terminated, or have their price changed without any prior notice. Trials may be subject to a one cent or higher validation charge.

Refunds are subject to XenoNode’s discrepancy. All items other than third party licenses, XenoNode program licenses, dedicated servers, IPv4 blocks, IPv6 blocks, IPv4 addresses, IPv6 addresses, physical objects, domains, and SSL certificates are eligible for a full refund. XenoNode program licenses and IPv6 addresses may be subject to a partial refund of no less than 25% of the cost. Domains may be subject to a partial refund through XenoNode depending on the TLD, contact sales for details. Dedicated servers and SSL certificates may be eligible for a partial refund through XenoNode credit, however must be put on XenoNode’s market and receive a successful sale. Refunds may be made through the same payment gateway as where the payment was made or XenoNode credit. Some items may only be refundable through XenoNode credit. Virtual server reseller hosting requires business, account, or domain validation. Failure to complete this will result in a product of equal value being given instead. Reseller hosting is not eligible for a refund. Refunds must be requested within 24 hours of the initial payment. Exceptions shall be made by XenoNode’s sales department and approved by the CEO.

Account validation for reseller hosting must be made through one of the following websites: MC-Market (mc-market.org) WebHostingTalk MCTrades (mctrades.org) MCSell (mcsell.org)

Account validation requires that the account being verified is a reputable member of his/her community. All verification methods require a legitimate reason on how the user will use the reseller hosting. Using virtual server reseller hosting for personal use is prohibited. If found, XenoNode will convert the VMs present on the account into normal virtual servers under the reseller’s XenoNode client portal account.